This series of paintings are based on a personal vocabulary of staccato rhythms, shifting space and gestural marks I've worked with since the 1980s. I’m often inspired by sound manipulation in electronic music (New Wave, Industrial, IDM) and feel painting to design is like analog sound to electronic music, that is, satisfyingly flawed and embodied against the tightly measured. I’m interested in what possibilities computer aided design has for painting. (The computer is like an axis between the virtual and the body) It is both a movement toward the increasing symbiotic relationship between people and technology yet inversion of this trajectory toward the immaterial.

"Having been inspired by the vibrations of electronic music for several decades, it is refreshing and inspiring to see an artist using some of those same noises and echoes to create unique modern paintings. If I was in Chicago, I wouldn’t miss Allen Addington’s show"

Nick Rhodes Duran Duran

Allen Addington - Artist / Painter